This is the English translation of my originally Dutch language website. You will find most descriptions translated, however the occupations and the notes are still shown in Dutch language. For those of you who cannot understand Dutch and are interested in this information, there will be no other alternative than to ask someone who can or to book some Dutch classes.

All Links, these are locations where further information is stored, are shown in dark red colour. If you hover with the mouse over a Link, it will then light-up in bright red colour and the arrow will turn into a little hand. If you then click on that link, you will get further information on that particular item

On the top of the screen you have the possibility to choose the starting letter of the family name. (without any prefix, such as the name "van Dam" -> select D)

The next screen will give you all the family names that start with this letter and an indication of how often it occurrs.

If you then click on a family name, you get a list of all persons with that respective name with the date of birth or date of babtism, if available.

A last click on a particular name of a person and the personal information will be shown in the main window. From there you can click on further links such as father, mother or siblings. For some persons, we have photographs or praying cards avalaible. If you click on the small icon, the picture will be enlarged in a separate window.


Caspar Hoetjes